I just returned from a trip to Nova Scotia. It was beautiful.  I discovered that Longfellow wrote his epic poem, Evangeline, about a young woman in Nova Scotia who devoted her life to finding her long lost love.  I bought a copy of the book and highly recommend it for its descriptions about the landscapes and people in this lush, verdant country.IMG_1388.JPG


“In The Works”

My co-writer, John Rice, and I have researched and written a book called THE GHOST OF CLEOPATRA.  It is a historical fiction story based on the life of  Edmonia Lewis, a half-Native American and half-African American orphan who, in the nineteenth century, goes from a wigwam to an artist’s studio in Rome.  In making this leap, Edmonia struggles with who she is, where she fits in, and how to cope with doing so much alone.   Fortunately, she is not completely alone, because a ghost—the Ghost of Cleopatra—appears to Edmonia periodically in mysterious ways and leads her to carve her greatest masterpiece.  This book can definitely be enjoyed by adults but is especially written for teens, because their quest—-like Edmonia’s—is to find their place in the world.  I will announce to all of my blog followers when THE GHOST OF CLEOPATRA comes out in print.

Angel and the Three Magi

I showed this piece to women in the Naperville Newcomers group yesterday when I gave a powerpoint presentation about Western Art.  I  think this is a precious sculpture from the portal of a cathedral in Paris.  The women in the Newcomers group were so interested and interesting.  Most had traveled the world and seen many of the works of art about which I spoke.


Palm Springs and Photographer Curtis

I just went to Palm Springs and imagined how life was for the Native Americans who lived here with the palms and desert until the early 1900s.  Then I went to an art exhibit in Palm Springs about Edward Curtis who photographed Native Americans over one hundred years ago—showing them in the desert.  What a guy!  Travelling around with his camera from group to group.  I thought of writing about him.