Chatting with a Budding Author

This girl named Meme readsphoto all the time and loves to write things down.  I spoke with an art history class at College of DuPage about “Duccio and the Maestà,” and the girl’s mother who was in the class asked me to meet with her daughter.  Young Meme is quite a motivated, intelligent girl who likes to learn.

People seemed to like Duccio!

There was a nice turnout for my library presentation about Duccio and the Maestà. The attendees seemed to enjoy the powerpoint with my large color slides of Duccio’s artwork and the beauties of Siena. Some had already visited or were planning to visit Siena, but all were art lovers and fiction readers. Thanks to everyoneOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA who attended

I will give a powerpoint presentation this Sunday at 2:00PM about Duccio and the Maesta and the Secret Siena at the Lombard Library, 110 W. Maple, at 2:00PM


At the age of 24, Dürer thought he had found BEAUTY at the Venetian Piazza of San Marco’s Cathedral shown below. This tainted his impression of his home city Nuremburg which he felt only called him to DUTY.  Upon hiking back to Nuremberg over the Alps, he felt distressed about what he left behind but eager to pursue his artwork again in Nuremburg.   This is a historic fiction novel leaving you to wonder how it will all turn out for this conflicted man with whom many of us can identify.Piazza of San Marco

Scenes of “The Alps” from Albrecht Dürer’s adventurous life

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlbrecht Dürer traveled over the Alps on foot and horseback two times to go to Venice to study art and later to find a man who was forging his art as well as to look for what he was missing in Nuremberg.  The trip was 440 miles one way from Nuremberg to Venice. Can you imagine hiking and riding a horse that distance over the Alps?  These are pictures from my trip to the Alps in the spring.  I envision the path in the top picture being like one that Dürer followed.