All the fuss about Martin Luther this year

1529MartinLutherSince this is the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation, we are seeing a lot about Martin Luther. Pages 212 to 213 in my book Across The Alps, The Secret Life of Albrecht Durer, tells just how quickly things changed almost overnight in Nuremberg when the Reformation took hold. I was quite surprised when I reviewed the historical records.

Never Forget

My latest novel is a Young Adult novel about three teens. It is appropriate for ages twelve to eighteen. Look at where it can be read for free for now. If a teacher wishes to use it in class and wants a study guide, I can furnish it.

Overall, Never Forget is about how during one school year three teens from a suburban high school go through experiences together and learn lessons they will never forget. It’s a novel that teens can read for pleasure and schools can use to promote empathy for “the other”-any other teen who comes from a different social stratum from one’s own.
A high school English teacher is using the book with her class now.

For my new book, “Never Forget”

This is a lamassu from the Palace of Sargon II in Khorsbad. I viewed it at the Oriental Institute in Chicago. My newest book is a Young Adult story about the relationship among three teenagers at a local high school. Each one has a different  problem. How each one resolves it is the crux of the book. Through an unexpected visit to the Oriental Institute, the three develop a passion to learn more about the history behind this forty thousand pound colossus. I wanted this to be a book about real teenagers and their interactions rather than the more common fantasy story of today.