Palm Springs and Photographer Curtis

I just went to Palm Springs and imagined how life was for the Native Americans who lived here with the palms and desert until the early 1900s.  Then I went to an art exhibit in Palm Springs about Edward Curtis who photographed Native Americans over one hundred years ago—showing them in the desert.  What a guy!  Travelling around with his camera from group to group.  I thought of writing about him.

My new book, Across the Alps, has been published!

photoStanding on a ridge of the Bavarian Alps, the Renaissance’s greatest woodcut artist, Albrecht Dürer, is torn between responsibility and infatuation. Below him lie Venice and the vibrant woman he just met. Ahead of him is Nuremberg, where he and his wife make their home.

If you want to find out how Dürer resolves his problem and at the same time learn about art, history, and interesting locations, I invite you to read Across the Alps.

(Book available through or Barnes and

Chatting with a Budding Author

This girl named Meme readsphoto all the time and loves to write things down.  I spoke with an art history class at College of DuPage about “Duccio and the Maestà,” and the girl’s mother who was in the class asked me to meet with her daughter.  Young Meme is quite a motivated, intelligent girl who likes to learn.

People seemed to like Duccio!

There was a nice turnout for my library presentation about Duccio and the Maestà. The attendees seemed to enjoy the powerpoint with my large color slides of Duccio’s artwork and the beauties of Siena. Some had already visited or were planning to visit Siena, but all were art lovers and fiction readers. Thanks to everyoneOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA who attended