Never Forget

My latest novel is a Young Adult novel about three teens. It is appropriate for ages twelve to eighteen. Look at where it can be read for free for now. If a teacher wishes to use it in class and wants a study guide, I can furnish it.

Overall, Never Forget is about how during one school year three teens from a suburban high school go through experiences together and learn lessons they will never forget. It’s a novel that teens can read for pleasure and schools can use to promote empathy for “the other”-any other teen who comes from a different social stratum from one’s own.
A high school English teacher is using the book with her class now.

For my new book, “Never Forget”

This is a lamassu from the Palace of Sargon II in Khorsbad. I viewed it at the Oriental Institute in Chicago. My newest book is a Young Adult story about the relationship among three teenagers at a local high school. Each one has a different  problem. How each one resolves it is the crux of the book. Through an unexpected visit to the Oriental Institute, the three develop a passion to learn more about the history behind this forty thousand pound colossus. I wanted this to be a book about real teenagers and their interactions rather than the more common fantasy story of today.

I just returned from a trip to Nova Scotia. It was beautiful.  I discovered that Longfellow wrote his epic poem, Evangeline, about a young woman in Nova Scotia who devoted her life to finding her long lost love.  I bought a copy of the book and highly recommend it for its descriptions about the landscapes and people in this lush, verdant country.IMG_1388.JPG