My newly released book is based on the real-life story of Otti Berger, gifted Bauhaus student who took the art of weaving from a craft to an art but who, as a secret Jew, could not figure out how to deal with Hitler and the Nazis in 1920s and 30s Germany. The name of my book is Blame It On The Bauhaus?

Did you know that the Bauhaus was the first modern school of art and design and was probably the first building with glass and steel walls?

6 thoughts on “BLAME IT ON THE BAUHAUS?

  1. David Eppenstein says:

    Ms Tanzer, I recently purchased “Blame it on the Bauhaus” at the LitFest in Chicago. I have been trying to add it to my TBR shelf on Goodreads but every attempt in every manner comes back as “no results” either by listing title and author or by ISBN number. Can you explain what might be the problem?

    • Hi David, Thanks so much for trying to add my book to your Goodreads TBR shelf. I have no idea why Goodreads is saying “no results.” The book has been on Amazon for several months.Just to double-check,979-8-218-01984-6 is the ISBN number. If you give me the Goodreads email address to which you’ve been sending your attempts, I will get in touch with them myself. Again, thank you for caring, and I’ll get back to you when I hear something.

      • David Eppenstein says:

        I know the book has been on Amazon because I checked that when this problem occurred. I thought maybe the book had been a recent release and maybe it wasn’t listed yet. The ISBN number I used came off the book itself and was correct. As for a Goodreads email address I don’t have one. I use the GR app on my iPad or go on their website through my browser. Since Amazon owns GR you might want to go through Amazon to learn why I can’t list the book. I read voraciously and review every book I read on the GR platform. I have over 70 GR friends and I think about 90 people follow my reviews. So if I can’t list your book I can’t review it and spread the word to my friends and followers. I hope you can find an answer to this problem.

      • I have reached Goodreads through Amazon and as soon as I receive a reply, I will let you know. Thank you so much in your interest. You are quite an “influencer,” and I look forward to your review on Goodreads.

      • David Eppenstein says:

        Good news Gail. This afternoon I was able to list the book by scanning the book’s barcode. I usually list books using the GR scan feature and this got me the “no results” response that caused me to try using the title and author and then the ISBN number all of which resulted in “no results”. So maybe the problem has been corrected.

      • David, I really appreciated your in-depth evaluation of my book on Goodreads. You certainly give deep thought to your reviews. I’m glad you highlighted the good stuff in my book, but I also benefited from your critique of its beginning.

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