I am Gail Tanzer, and I write historical fiction about artists who were once well-known but whose work and contributions have been almost forgotten. Every great piece of art is a reflection of the history of the time as well as of the individual artist’s soul. I try to tell the story of both.

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    • Dear Judy, I have been so busy writing that I have not checked my blog. I would be happy to give a lecture on Durer and my research. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to notice your request. I look forward to hearing from you. Gail Tanzer

  1. Judy Gustafson says:

    HI Gail, I sent you a quick note earlier today with a question about if you do lectures; I just looked father down your blog and noticed that you have done some — Aurora Women’s Club is looking for a speaker on an art topic for January. If this is something you might be interested in send me an email and I will fill you in on the details, Thanks, Judy

    • Hi Maria, Nice to hear from you. I was just going over some files and found that when I used Createspace to publish my first book, the cost was $379. If you get interested in that group, just google Createspace. Now I am going to put up a new post from my visit to Florida.

  2. Chandra says:

    Hi Gail,

    Jist found out about your book and was excited to see it. I sculpted a portrait of Augusta Savage a few weeks ago and enjoyed learning as much as I could about her in the days I was working on her likeness. I would love to send you an image of my sculpture, or you can find her on my instagram. @chandraroseriggs

  3. Dear Ms.Tanzer, I very much enjoyed “Graven Images.” One question, please. On page 200-201 you tell the story of the gifting of a casting”realization,” The Alfred Herman photo taken of Augusta Savage with the sculpture seems to fit the story. So, if you are able to tell me if the story of the bronze casting is true I would appreciate it. Congratulations on your fine book . Thanks

    • Hi, I was just trying to post something about that very statue. Yes, Savage did sculpt Realization. However, no one can find the statue. In my post, I will say that it would be a perfect sculpture to replace some of them that we have done away with. Send me any further comment on this topic, if you’d like. Thanks for your interest.

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